Grand Lake Wedding

A Colorado wedding with a beautiful fall aesthetic

Ok, this Grand Lake intimate wedding day with the ideal Colorado Fall weather was a chef’s kiss. We unquestionably lucked out with peak Fall color, and stayed dry despite the moody skies.

The day began at their rental home, a cute cabin up a long dirt road on Grand Lake. While family was all gathered at the home, the anticipation was starting to build. I candidly documented everyone busy doing their thing, getting ready, about to head out for the ceremony.

As the ceremony unfolded, the yellow Fall foliage really popped during the ceremony, especially against the dark sky.

What a sight.

A Grand Lake wedding landscape with a beautiful fall aesthetic
Bride getting hair done before elopement
Groom getting ready portraits with his friend
Groom putting final touches on before his wedding day
Dog looking up at the groom while he gets ready for his wedding day
Bride tying her hiking boots underneath her wedding dress
Groom seeing his bride walk down the aisle for the first time
Holding hands during Grand Lake wedding
AA Barn wedding
Intimate wedding ceremony at AA Barn in Grand Lake
Couple petting their dog after their wedding ceremony

Grand Lake Wedding Photos

Along our explorations, of course we stopped at one of my favorite hidden gem locations near Grand Lake to capture some bridal portraits along the water. The trees were so unbelievably golden and beautiful, and the sun kept dancing with the clouds. We kept our eyes peeled for moose, as this is a popular spot to see them. And the air, you could just smell Autumn in the air. So nostalgic and inspiring—I love it!

Couple looking out onto Grand Lake on their wedding day
Couple on the lakeshore of Grand Lake, Colorado during their wedding
Grand Lake, Colorado wedding photography
Romantic couple dancing on their own by the water
Romantic bridal portraits near Grand Lake
Couple looking out into the mountains and lake during their wedding
Bride and groom share first dip in the fall foliage
Bride facing off with her wedding dress train spread out looking off into the mountains
Close up of holding hands and wedding rings

Bride & Groom Portraits in Rocky Mountain National Park

After the ceremony, we took off for Rocky Mountain National Park. This is one of my favorite locations near Grand Lake, Colorado to go for couples portraits, especially in the Fall time.

We spent the late afternoon exploring the West side of RMNP. We wandered through meadows, spotted elk in the distance, and walked along some trails. The best part? We saw very few other people. That’s certainly a rarity for a National Park, but a real treat for us.

If this couple’s goal was to have the ultimate fall aesthetic wedding portraits, we sure did nail it.

Bride and groom in front of Rocky Mountain National Park sign
Wedding day portrait in front of Rocky Mountain National Park sign
View of Fall colors in the aspen trees near Rocky Mountain National Park
Bride and groom with the Fall foliage in Grand Lake, Colorado
View of meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park
Bride and groom walking along the river
Bride and groom hugging in a beautiful Fall scene in the mountains and along the river
Couple reaching for their hands with the wedding ring highlighted
Dramatic Rocky Mountain National Park portrait of bride and groom looking off into the landscape
Stunning view of Rocky Mountain National Park near Grand Lake, Colorado
Couple walking down a dirt road in Rocky Mountain National Park on their wedding day
Couple walking down a dirt road on their wedding day in the mountains
Couple dancing together along the dirt road in the mountains
Close up of couples hands and rings on their wedding day

Rocky Mountain National Park Weddings

Oh, breathtakingly beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park!! A favorite place in the world, and such an undeniably iconic place to say “I do”.

It’s important to note that there is a wedding permit required for any sort of vow exchange, wedding ceremony, ring exchange in the park. The wedding permit can be applied for up to 1 year in advance of your desired wedding month. Learn more information about How to Get Married in Rocky Mountain National Park here, or if you’re ready, apply for your wedding permit through the NPS now.

View of snowcapped mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park
Bride and groom in the aspen grove
Romantic wedding portraits in the aspen grove
Dramatic black and white image of couple in the trees on their wedding day
View of small meadow in Grand Lake, Colroado
Yellow aspen leaves in the green grass
Meadow in Grand Lake with bride and groom
Couple reading a journal entry on their wedding day

Weddings outside of Rocky Mountain National Park

If wedding permits are sold out (which happens surprisingly fast) or you have over 30 guests, you can absolutely find an alternative ceremony location. There are many private properties you can reserve near Grand Lake for your wedding. I especially love the AA Barn, Grand Lake Lodge for both wedding ceremonies and receptions in Grand Lake. Also check out the A-Frame Club in Winter Park. A total vibe.

Grand Lake, Colorado view
Couple sitting on a bench in their wedding attire down by the lake
View of Grand Lake, Colorado during a Fall wedding
Bride and groom on a lake dock on their wedding day
Wedding portraits at Grand Lake, Colorado
Bride and groom on boat dock
Bride and groom on a lake in the mountains with a moody sunset
Dramatic sunset in Grand Lake, Colorado during the Fall time

Your Grand Lake Wedding Photographer

Finally, did you know that Grand Lake is where my husband and I had our own wedding?! It obviously holds a very special place in my heart. I’d certainly love to share my knowledge of the area, and hopefully, photograph your own Grand Lake wedding. So, let’s start by saying hello. Simply fill out the inquiry form linked below, or send an email to

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