Hiring a Proposal Photographer

So you want to hire a proposal photographer to capture the moment, but you also want to keep it a surprise?

This is the article for you.

Hiring a proposal photographer

What’s the best way to hire a surprise proposal photographer?

Option #1: Hire a photographer to go “undercover”.

That’s right, us photographers will literally hide in the bushes, disguise ourselves in the crowd, or just act like a random hiker or passerby near the spot where you plan to ask a question.

For this surprise proposal at Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, I arrived early, posted up a on the shore of the lake with my friend, and pretended to have a picnic. When he was in position and ready to ask the question, I pulled my camera out from under the picnic blanket and was ready to photograph it.

It worked perfectly.

The best way to hire a surprise proposal photographer

Option #2: Hire a photographer for a couples session of you and your partner.

Your partner will go into the session all dressed up and prepared to be photographed. Then, you and the photographer will come up with a cue (like a specific pose or phrase) that indicates you’re about to pop the question.

Couple walking off into the sunrise overlooking the mountains
Couple running down a foggy street together in Colorado

Surprise marriage proposal ideas

Here are some creative ways to ask the question!

  • Pop the question on a scenic hike
  • Return to your first date location
  • Re-enact your first date, or the story of how you fell in love
  • Get creative with a scavenger hunt
  • Check something off your bucket list like skydiving or paragliding
  • Charter a private boat
  • Go to a favorite park
  • Have a romantic surprise pop-up picnic somewhere with a view
  • Stay at a luxury resort, a unique Airbnb, or romantic B&B
  • Go horseback riding
  • Ask the question while you’re cozied up on the sofa

However you ask, just make sure it feels so you.

Couple holding hands after just getting engaged
Couples engagement portraits in the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado

Things to consider for your surprise proposal photos

Lighting + background

Your proposal photographer will help you with this to ensure you have the very best lighting, background, and positioning when you pop the question.

Couple kissing on paddleboards on a lake

The engagement portraits after the “yes!”

While you have a professional photographer there, this is a great opportunity to have a little engagement session. Document the pure excitement, and have these memories as art forever. These memories will make for a great photo album, and wonderful photos to frame and showcase at your wedding, too.

Couple snuggled up on a picnic blanket together

What to wear to your proposal + engagement photos

It’s ideal if you can plan ahead to make sure your partner is looking and feeling their best!

Consider bringing additional outfits for the portrait session following the proposal. Select coordinating colors, good layers, and a few backup garments. Pick out your partner’s favorite items—something you see them wear often, or that you know they feel great in!

Couple excitedly dancing during couples portraits together
Couple in a foggy meadow in Colorado during engagement

Family + friends arriving during or after the proposal

To add to the surprise, consider an additional inviting family + friends to join you in the post engagement celebrations.

Family and friends all lined up with headlamps on during hike

Celebratory beverages

Don’t forget to bring along your favorite champagne or sparkling water to pop! This makes for a great photo opportunity too.

Romantic engagement photos in Colorado

Colorado surprise proposal photographer

I’ve had the honor of photographing multiple surprise proposals in Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park, and destinations around the US. Let’s see if I’m a good fit for you!

Inquire below and let’s begin to plan your proposal photos.

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