Maroon Bells Amphitheater wedding

Maroon Bells Amphitheater is one of the most beautiful locations in Colorado for an intimate wedding or elopement. The picturesque lake surrounded by aspen trees sitting right beneath the iconic maroon mountain peaks will certainly take your breath away. Especially since it’s located at almost 10,000 feet in elevation!

This couple had their Maroon Bells Amphitheater wedding during the lush green month of June. We arrived before sunrise and hiked by headlamp up to a nearby lake where they had a private ceremony, just the two of them and their dog.

They enjoyed some quality time together before hiking back down the trail to meet with their closest family and friends for an intimate wedding ceremony at the amphitheater. Afterward, they drove down the road to East Maroon Portal picnic site for a reception.

Reasons to have a Maroon Bells Amphitheater wedding

  • It’s an incredibly beautiful! Though Maroon Lake can get quite busy, the amphitheater itself is off to the side and away from the hustle and bustle
  • There is great hiking nearby which can add to your adventure.
  • It only costs $200 to have a wedding ceremony here
  • There’s a nearby option for an outdoor wedding reception
  • Nearby Aspen, Colorado has great shops, restaurants, vendors, and tons of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy
  • It’s dog friendly!

How to get married at Maroon Bells Amphitheater

All reservations for Maroon Bells Amphitheater are available through Reservations are available up to 1 year in advance at 8:00am MT.

The thing is, the reservations go quick—so be ready!

  1. Make sure you have an account with and are all signed in
  2. Select your wedding date for the Maroon Bells Amphitheater
  3. Pay the $200 fee through the reservation system and make it official

Lastly, consider booking the East Maroon Portal Picnic site through the same reservation system! This picnic site is located just down the road from the amphitheater and makes for a wonderful and convenient area for a post-wedding picnic or reception.

East Maroon Portal Picnic Site wedding reception

A lovely spot for a wedding reception in the forest! Consider hiring a coordinator or event stylist to really elevate this celebration space. This way, as soon as you come back from your wedding ceremony everything is done for you!

This is also a great location for a simple wedding picnic or personalized pop-up picnic.

Aspen, Colorado wedding photographer

Looking for a photographer for your Maroon Bells Amphitheater wedding? Let’s see if we’re a good fit. Check out more information about my wedding and micro wedding photography here, then set up a discovery call below and let’s meet.

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