Military wedding photos in the mountains

Amy & David met through working in the military, so it made sense that the included this important part of their life into their wedding photos.

Their wedding day began at a campsite outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. They spent time getting ready separately. Amy put on her first dress near an aspen grove while David got ready near the campsite. They shared a first look together, letting all the nerves and anxiousness fade away. Now it was just them, ready to have a meaningful day and get married in one of the most iconic places in all of Colorado.

We drove to Bear Lake, grabbed our backpacks, and began exploring. They first spent some time around Bear Lake, taking in the beautiful mountains, forest, and lake. The light that day was so creamy and soft.. which perfectly matched her dreamy dress.

They then began hiking up to Dream Lake where they were to change their outfits and take their military wedding photos. David shaved his beard by the edge of the lake before putting on his military uniform. And Amy had an outfit change herself! This time, she put on a beautiful flowy cream dress. We took military wedding portraits around the Dream Lake as the sun dipped behind the mountain.

Dream Lake is a favorite photo location in Rocky Mountain National Park because it’s just over a 2 mile roundtrip hike with stunning views the entire way. In that distance, you will see multiple lakes (Bear, Nymph and Dream), and can even continue up to Emerald Lake from there. The hike is not difficult, and offers so many photo opportunities.

After soaking in the scenery, we began the hike back down to their campsite for some wedding photos after dark. They fired up the campfire, roasted some marshmallows, and enjoyed a brilliant night for stargazing.

The stars that night were unforgettable. And I’m so honored I was there to capture exactly how amazing it felt to be in these moments.

groom lacing up his military boots for wedding photos
bride putting on her military wedding boots
couple eating cake before their wedding at their campsite
Couple hiking in their wedding attire
Romantic photo of bride and groom in Rocky Mountain National Park
Bride and groom getting married at the edge of Bear Lake
Couple walking with their wedding attire through a forest
Couple on the edge of a forest during their hiking elopement in Colorado
Couple hiking toward the camera in Rocky Mountain National Park
Bride and groom with backpacks on looking at the mountains
Bride and groom with Longs Peak in the distance
Couple hiking at Dream Lake in Estes Park, Colorado
Bride and groom at Dream Lake
Close up of bride and groom
Couple sitting on a rock in the mountains having a picnic
Romantic black and white bride and groom portrait
Couple changing into military attire for their wedding photos
Groom shaving by the lake on his elopement day
Military boots on a rock at Dream Lake
Bride and groom in their military outfits on their wedding day
Close up of military uniform at couples wedding
Bride and groom at the edge of Dream Lake with a mirror reflection
Close up of happy couple in their military attire on their wedding day
Wide photo of bride and groom in their military uniform on their wedding day
Couple hiking through the woods in their military attire
Wedding day campfire
Couple cooking dinner over the fire on their wedding day
Camping wedding portraits
Couple under a starry night sky after they get married in Estes Park, Colorado
Couple tucked into their tent after getting married

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