Sprague Lake elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park

This is the story of Kayla & Devin, and their beautiful elopement ceremony at Sprague Lake.

The day began at an Airbnb in the mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado. It was in the early morning hours when I arrived, well before the sun had even come up. They were already awake, excitedly stirring throughout the home while they dressed into their elopement attire. Excitement was high because in just a few hours they would exchange vows, officially starting their next best adventure together.

All the way up on top of Trail Ridge Road is where they shared their first look, right at sunrise. The morning light was beautifully soft. Since it was the beginning of June, snow still lingered on the ground. Trail Ridge Road is an incredible spot for photos because the views make you feel like you’re on top of the world!

We took our time savoring every viewpoint while wandering trails on top of these epic mountains. One of the best parts about Trail Ridge Road is that you can see so much within a short distance!

Following the high alpine explorations, we drove back down the mountain toward Sprague Lake. It’s the ceremony location they chose for their elopement ceremony. Sprague Lake is surrounded by lovely pine trees and has panoramic mountain views from the North side of the lake. The 0.8 mile loop around the lake is flat and easy. Plus there are many places to stop and rest along the way before continuing on. Sprague Lake is a favorite spot for elopement ceremonies in Rocky Mountain National Park because of it’s easy access and picturesque views!

Kayla & Devin enjoyed a private lakeside elopement ceremony at Sprague Lake. Meanwhile, a mother elk with her two young calves splashed around on the far side of the lake. Yep, these are the kind of wedding crashers you might expect when eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park. After the ceremony, they broke out their binoculars and enjoyed the wildlife action!

We took our time savoring the last few minutes in the park before moving back to their Airbnb.

They hired Chef Kent who worked diligently at the Airbnb while we adventured. He made sure every detail was in place for them when they arrived back to the home. He prepared a lovely tea spread for them on the front porch, followed by many delicious courses out back. The menu consisted of a colorful charcuterie spread, red velvet pancakes, locally sourced meats, and even a full wedding cake! When the moment felt right, they had an impromptu first dance in the living room.

We truly could not have asked for a better June day for an elopement at Sprague Lake. I’m so grateful to have been there to witness one of the best days of their lives.

Alright, ready?? Ok, see the love story of Kayla & Devin unfold during their Rocky Mountain National Park elopement day for yourself now.

Bridal bouquet by Lace and Lilies in Fort Collins Colorado
close up of a beautiful wedding flower bouquet
Wedding dress hanging on "mrs." hanger by the fireplace
wedding day details photo of shoes and jewelry
close up of wedding rings with mountains on them
Groom getting ready for his wedding day at Airbnb in Estes Park Colorado
Bride getting ready for her wedding day inside an Airbnb in Estes Park
Road winding through big snowy mountains
Sunrise view of mountains on Trail Ridge Road
Pink and purple sunrise on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park
wedding couple walking hand in hand in the snowy mountains
Sunrise on Trail Ridge Road with snowy mountains in June
bride and groom on top of a rocky mountain
Trail Ridge Road wedding day portraits
elk standing on top of a mountain ridge with snowy mountaintops in the distance
wedding couple standing on the shore of Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park with mountains in the distance
couple eloping on the shore of Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park with mountains in the distance
bride and groom sharing first kiss at Sprague Lake with mountains and trees in distance
bride and groom looking through binoculars at mountain lake
elk with calves at sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park
Mr & Mrs wedding day mugs in front of a tea spread
Private chef on wedding day catered a beautiful spread of tea and scones in the mid-morning light
bride and groom having a first dance in a beautiful modern living room
private chef preparing brunch for wedding couple
Table view of wedding day brunch

How to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park at Sprague Lake

You can have your own Sprague Lake elopement ceremony and I’d love to help guide you! Learn more about all the wedding options in this how to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park article here and find more information on permits as well as updated availability at the NPS site here.

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