Breckenridge, Colorado Elopement

Breckenridge, Colorado is one of my favorite mountain towns to recommend to couples planning a small wedding or elopement. There’s hiking, skiing, sailing, kayaking, biking, shopping, dining, bar-hopping, and so much more. This mountain town indeed has something to offer everyone, and year round too! Furthermore, Breckenridge is only a 2 hour drive from Denver International Airport. The quick commute makes it an especially convenient commute for couples traveling to Colorado for their elopement. Plus, there are tons of great wedding vendors in the area to choose from. Especially wedding and elopement planners, florists, officiants, and lots of small wedding venues too.

Gabby & Drew chose to elope here because they were looking for a view that had a mix of mountains, forest, and lake. And let me tell you, this spot certainly delivers!

The Elopement Story

The story begins at The Lodge at Breckenridge. This lodge sits up on a hill overlooking all of Breckenridge. The rooms offer incredibly epic views of Breckenridge. Imagine sweeping mountains, tall peaks, and ski slopes galore! It’s just a short drive into town too. The time here at the lodge was spent focusing on some candid getting ready photos with a strong emphasis on Gabby & Drew’s family members who they chose to have by their side.

After getting ready, it was time for the first looks.

First, Gabby and her father shared a first look right outside of the hotel. Afterwards Gabby & Drew shared a first look in a nearby forest. First looks tend to be incredibly emotional (and a personal favorite part of the day), but these first looks were even more so. The sweetness of these moments will forever be burned into my memory.

Then it was time for the small lakefront ceremony. Picture a small group dancing on the shore, laughing, crying tears of joy, eating donuts, and sharing stories.

Before sunset, the three of us took off on a hiking trail around the lake. There is another incredibly picturesque spot on the far lakeshore, the perfect location to spread out a blanket and enjoy letters from family and friends back home. That’s what is so great about this hike! There are views in every direction, and it’s not an incredibly popular spot either.

I’ll always remember the three of us being in such awe. Following each other down a windy trail through the forest, pointing out so many unique mossy rocks, twisty trees, and soft and almost bouncy forest floor. I feel like I made new friends that day.

Groom looking out window into the mountains
Groom looking down at his watch
Groom helping father of the bride get ready for the elopement in Breckenridge
Groom and father of the bride sharing a moment
Groom and father of the bride looking out the window at the Lodge at Breckenridge
Groom and father of the bride looking out the window over Breckenridge
Bride and her mother putting on the wedding dress
Bride looking over her shoulder laughing as the wedding dress gets fastened
Bride putting on her hiking boots before her Breckenridge elopement
Bride with family flaring out her veil
Bride surrounded by her loved ones as she puts on her veil
Bride shares first look with her father in the mountains of Colorado
Groom getting ready for a first look in the forest
Bride walking up to the groom in the forest for the first look on their elopement day in Colorado
Couple laughing and crying after the first look
Couple in a patch of light in the forest
Couple hiking through the forest on their elopement day in Breckenridge
Couple hiking down a trail in their wedding attire
Close up of couple holding hands
Bride with hiking boots walking down a fallen log
Bride and groom standing amongst wildflowers
Hiking through an aspen grove in Breckenridge
Mountain view in Breckenridge, Colorado
Couple getting married at a mountain lake in Colorado
Micro wedding ceremony at a mountain lake in Colorado
Couple exchanging vows in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado
First kiss in front of a beautiful mountain scene
Bride and groom cheering after just getting married
First dance with stunning mountain backdrop
View of a mountain lake in Breckenridge, CO
Couple hiking with Topo backpacks on their wedding day
Bride with hiking boots stepping on rocks to avoid muddy trail
Couple hiking across a small bridge with vast mountains in the background
Couple walking down a peninsula at a lake in Colorado
Dramatic black and white image of couple hiking to the lake
View of mountain lake in Colorado
Couple spreading out a blanket on their elopement day
Bride and groom sitting down together and taking in the views
Coupe reads letters on a blanket from family and friends back home on their elopement day
Couple sits in a grassy meadow to read letters from family and friends
Close up of letter
Bride and groom laying down on a blanket with mountains in the background
Bride and groom folding up the blanket to continue hiking
Couple hiking down a forest trail on their elopement day in Colorado
Bride and groom hiking with backpacks on through the forest
Couple standing under neat arched tree
Bride stepping over a large tree on the hiking trail in her wedding dress and hiking boots
Lush forest view with mossy ground
One last view of the mountain lake as the sun goes down
Taking in the last bits of sunset

A special thanks to these Colorado wedding vendors.

Hair & Makeup: Lisa

Lodging: Lodge at Breckenridge

Wedding Rings: Lacakdazee

Dress: Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique

Food: The Noshing Platter

Looking for a photographer for your Breckenridge Elopement?

Do you love sweeping mountain views, being surrounded by wilderness, and having access to all the fun outdoor activities? Breckenridge might be the perfect place for your elopement or small wedding!

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