Upper Beaver Meadows Wedding Ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park

This is the story of an intimate wedding in Upper Beaver Meadows. It’s one of my favorite ceremony sites in Rocky Mountain National Park, and you’ll soon see why. It’s a beautiful location for photography because of its wide open meadow, forest, and towering mountains in the distance.

It was a perfect August afternoon when I first met up with Brooke at her Airbnb in Estes Park, Colorado. Her family was already there to help her put on her dress and tie up her hiking boots. The excitement was high! She was about one hour out from saying “I do” to her best friend.

When the time came, everyone gathered in the car and began the drive to Upper Beaver Meadows. This ceremony site is just a few minutes drive inside the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Wedding Ceremony

Once arriving at the meadow, we were greeted by the rest of their excited family members. Tito stood on the edge of the meadow, waiting for his bride. As she excitedly walked up, they shared an incredible and emotional first look. Once they were back in each other’s arms, all the worries and anxiousness just melted away. It’s one of those wedding day moments that’s hard to forget, and makes it all feel so real. It’s finally happening!

Following the first look was a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony. In the distance was Longs Peak, the highest mountain around, and layers of mountains and forests made up the backdrop for their ceremony. There was a slight haze in the air which made everything feel so dreamy too.

What’s great about having a wedding ceremony at Upper Beaver Meadows is that the area is quite vast. There’s plenty of space to have a wedding ceremony without having to worry about crowds of people getting in the way. People will often keep their distance when they see a wedding ceremony going on, especially in a spot like this where they can easily move by you unnoticed.

View of Upper Beaver Meadows in Rocky Mountain National Park on in August
Bride and groom about to share their first look on the edge of Upper Beaver Meadows with mountains in the distance
Bride hugging groom from behind at the edge of the meadow before he sees her for the first time
Bride hugging groom from behind at the edge of Upper Beaver Meadow
Wedding day first look at the edge of a meadow with mountains in the distance
Dad walking bride through the meadow for their wedding ceremony
Dad hugging bride before the wedding ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park
Close up of wedding ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park
Family gathered around couple in the meadow for their wedding ceremony
Exchanging vows at the Upper Beaver Meadows ceremony site in Rocky Mountain National Park
Close up of bride and groom holding hands
Bride throwing bouquet to wedding guest in the meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park

After the Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony, family sent Brooke and Tito off on their way! We were heading up even further into the mountains for some portraits on Trail Ridge Road.

Trail Ridge Road is the highest paved road in the United States. Just imagine the 360 degree views you will see up here! Pending weather, the roadway is typically open between June and September or October. It makes an incredible spot for couples portraits because it’s one of those spots that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. The scenery here will take your breath away, both literally and figurately. The top of the road reaches 12,183 feet in elevation! There are scenic trails, and lots of unique rock features up here too. You may even get lucky and spot some wildlife!

Couple standing on the edge of a cliff on Trail Ridge Road
Bride and groom sharing a kiss on top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park
Couple walking down rocky cliff with Longs Peak in the distance in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park makes for the perfect wedding experience for those looking for a variety of landscapes. And you don’t even have to hike if you don’t want to!

Feeling inspired and wondering how to have your own wedding ceremony at Upper Beaver Meadows?

I’ve put together a whole guide that will help you choose the best time of year to visit, apply for a permit, and pick out some spots you love to take photos! Find more information on How to Get Married in Rocky Mountain National Park here.

When you’re ready to apply for your wedding permit, find information and start the process on the NPS website here.

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