Alaska Helicopter Elopement

Imagine checking an item off your bucket list on your elopement day with a helicopter ride to a glacier in Alaska. Not only that, but you get flown to your own secluded shore on a glacial lagoon, with a private yurt. And you get to stay the night. But wait… there’s more.

Imagine that you also get to kayak through glaciers, hike around to a secret cave, swim in the glacial water (with a dry suit!). To top it off, you have a meal and wedding cake prepared for you while you watch the sunset and take in the best view you’ve ever seen in your life.

That’s how Jordan & Clayton spent their wedding day.

The whole experience felt like a movie. It felt adventurous, serene, peaceful, and awe-inspiring. It sure as heck is going to be hard to top an experience like this. And why would you want to? It is your elopement day after all.

Words can’t even do this Alaska adventure elopement justice, so I’m going to share their story through photos. That is what I do best.

Couple walking in downtown Seward before their helicopter elopement
View of boats in Seward, Alaska
Moody Alaska forest view
View from Seward Helicopter
Couple flying in a helicopter on the way to their Alaska elopement
View of Seward from a helicopter during an adventure elopement
Flying over Seward Alaska in a helicopter
Helicopter flight over Seward Alaska
View of Alaska mountains from a helicopter
View of Seward, Alaska mountains from a helicopter
Couple flying by helicopter to their adventure elopement in Alaska
Bear Glacier in Alaska with Seward Helicopter
Flying over glacial lagoon in Alaska on a helicopter
Aerial view of Bear Glacier
Aerial view of Bear Glacier from a helicopter
Foggy glacial lagoon in Alaska
Glacial lagoon in Alaska
Bear Glacier lagoon in Alaska as seen from a helicopter
Aerial view of glacier in Alaska
Helicopter dropping off eloping couple
Couple walking off helicopter with their wedding attire
View of helicopter on the shore of a glacial lagoon in Alaska
View of Seward Helicopter yurts at Bear Glacier
Groom lacing up Danner hiking boots
Groom getting ready on the porch of the yurt during Alaska helicopter elopement
Groom on yurt deck overlooking Alaska scenery
View of groom at Bear Glacier
Bride walking down to the shore of the glacial lagoon to see her groom
First look on the shore of a glacial lagoon in Alaska
First look with bride and groom in breathtaking scenery
Groom seeing his bride for the first time during Alaska elopement
Bride and groom taking in the stunning Alaska scenery
Bride and groom putting on waterproof boots to go explore
Bride and groom walking through pink wildflowers in Alaska
Bear prints in the black dirt
Couple walking on the shore of a glacial lagoon with icebergs in the background
Bride and groom standing in a glacial lagoon in Alaska
Heart shaped rock
Bridal gown and wildflowers
Bride and groom kayaking at Bear Glacier in Alaska
Adventure elopement with kayaking in a glacier in Alaska
Bride and groom high-fiving paddles while kayaking in Alaska
Bride and groom on sea kayaks
Bride and groom on the deck of their yurt in Alaska at Bear Glacier
Bride and groom going hiking for an adventure elopement
Couple hiking through a meadow of wildflowers
Bride and groom in a secret cave in Alaska
Moody photo of bride and groom in Alaska during their helicopter elopement
Couple kayaking in dry suits on their elopement day in Alaska
Kayaking by a massive iceberg in Alaska
Kayaking by icebergs in Bear Glacier
Bride and groom kayaking on their elopement day
View of icebergs, a bird, and mountains
Bear Glacier with glacial lagoon in the foreground
Couple standing on an iceberg during their Alaska adventure elopement
Couple floating in glacier water on their wedding day
Kayaking through icebergs in Alaska
View of icebergs, kayaks, and mountains in Bear Glacier
Couple picking their elopement ceremony spot on the shore of a glacial lagoon
Couple exchanging vows at sunset at Bear Glacier
Bear Glacier elopement ceremony
Couple walking down the shore of Bear Glacier during helicopter elopement in Alaska
Bear Glacier
Couple hiking back to their yurt at Bear Glacier
Dinner being prepared on the shore of the glacial lagoon
Wedding cake in a remote location in Alaska
Sunset at Bear Glacier from the yurts

Day 2 of the Adventure Elopement

The next day we woke up to a moody glacial lagoon, and let me tell you. It was a VIBE. Jordan & Clay excitedly put back on their wedding attire so we could capture the glacial lagoon while we waited for our helicopter ride out. It was so serene, and we felt so lucky to see this breathtaking scenery in two drastically different ways.

Couple on the shore of a foggy glacial lagoon in Alaska waiting for their helicopter
Sand piper flying by the shore of Bear Glacier
Moody black and white photo of couple at foggy glacial lagoon
Adventure elopement with Seward Helicopter
View from inside the helicopter
Bride on a helicopter during her elopement day
Glacial lagoon in Alaska
Seward Helicopter runway

A special shout out to Seward Helicopters for flying us out to this remote location, and hosting us in your private yurts.

Ever dream of a helicopter adventure elopement in Alaska?

I’ve photographed numerous of them and would love to help you have your very own bucket list experiences in one of the wildest places in the world!

  1. Meredith Powell says:

    Great job, Amber!! These are all incredible. Looks like a movie scene!!

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