A Colorado Adventure Elopement

This couple planned a 10 day long trip to Colorado for their adventure elopement. They were traveling from the East Coast, and really wanted to maximize their time and adventures here in the mountains, so they rented a camper van for their entire experience. With the camper van, they were able to travel from mountain town to mountain town, exploring all corners of the state and staying at the most scenic campsites. It was an elopement and a honeymoon all in one!

As a way to ensure a great night sleep before their elopement day (and to have a place to gather and celebrate afterwards), I helped them find a stunning riverside Airbnb. It looked great in photos online, but being there in person was even better! The Airbnb sits along a turquoise river, surrounded by aspen trees, pines, and berry bushes. It even has a lovely forested walk to the fire pit which is illuminated by market lights in the evening. How romantic! It is secluded, peaceful, and will be a great spot to return on anniversaries to come.

The Airbnb is where their day began. Sara and Kevin enjoyed a chill morning before beginning to get ready for their day. Rachael from Face of Makeup stopped by for hair + makeup (we love a little wedding day pampering session). When it was time, they shared a first look outside along the path to the fire pit. It was an emotional and exciting reveal.

Off to the mountains!

We found a stunning aspen grove, insane mountain views. It was fun to just wander and explore, hiking just as far as they felt like because the entire trail offered incredible photo opportunities.

The next adventure was some fly fishing! It’s one of Kevin’s favorite ways to decompress after a long day at work, and Sara loves watching him. It was the perfect activity to do just before their sunset ceremony. To do something they love on the water, something that makes them feel at peace.

Finally, just before the sun dipped down below the mountains, they exchanged vows on the shore of a mountain lake. Massive peaks towered in the distance, and the sky glowed with warmth. Nature was their only witness.

The day wrapped up with a stunning picnic spread. They enjoyed sushi, just like they did on their very first date! After dinner, they shared a romantic first dance under the stars and market lights.

The entire day felt like an adventure, just like their love. Here’s a peek into Sara & Kevin’s adventurous elopement day.

Elopement day details
Groom getting ready for his adventure elopement
Two piece wedding dress on a bookshelf
Groom getting ready before his adventure elopement
Bride lacing Danner hiking boots before elopement
First look in the forest during an adventure elopement
Romantic first look at Colorado adventure elopement
View of mountains and forest in Colorado
Couple hiking during their adventure elopement
Couple hiking down trail in the mountains
Bride with hiking boots
Elopement day hike through the forest
Couple kissing in a Colorado aspen grove
Couple hiking at their adventure elopement in Colorado
Couple hiking through aspen grove on their elopement day
Couple in the mountains of Colorado during their adventure elopement
Couple with trailhead sign
Camper van adventure elopement
Couple climbing ladder of camper van at their adventure elopement
Eloping couple with their camper van
Mountain view through the camper van
Couple taking portraits with their camper van at their elopement
Fly fishing at adventure elopement in Colorado
Groom putting waders on for fly fishing on his wedding day
Groom fly fishing at a mountain lake in Colorado during his adventure elopement
Fly fishing during Colorado adventure elopement
Groom fly fishing with bride at his adventure elopement
Couple fly fishing at their elopement
Barefoot bride with hiking boots
Couple looking off into the distance during their Colorado adventure elopement
Couple getting married on the shore of a mountain lake at sunset
Couple exchanging vows during adventure elopement
Couple reading vows at a mountain lake in Colorado
Couple getting married on a lake as the sun sets
Adventure elopement wedding ceremony
Bride and groom looking at the mountains during their adventure elopement
Ring exchange during Colorado elopement
Groom signing marriage license on bride's back
View of mountain lake as the sun sets
View of Colorado mountain lake at sunset
Bride walking barefoot with hiking boots in her hand
Couple sharing elopement day picnic
Couple sharing a picnic at Airbnb
Adventure elopement picnic
Elopement first dance under the market lights
Couple's first dance at adventure elopement
Couple laughing and dancing playfully under the night sky
Campfire at adventure elopement
Eloping couple with a campfire and market lights

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