Lifestyle photo session with a senior dog

This lifestyle portrait session with Koa, a sweet senior dog. And boy, was it a special one.

When Paige & Josh reached out to me about a photography session with their dog, it was an immediate “yes”. They had mentioned that their Koa was recently given a sudden severe heart disease diagnosis, and they wanted to capture him before he declined.

I know how receiving that kind of news feels.

In the beginning of September Shayne and I lost our Cooper. When I look up and across the room from where I sit now, I can see his name tag hanging on our key rack. A sad reminder that we just don’t get dogs for long enough. But also a reminder to celebrate and savor the time we do have. To make the most out of it, and to take portraits so you can always remember these good old days. I wish we would have had more family photos taken with Cooper.

So, the question was: how can we capture Koa living his best life? Well, we went to two of their favorite spots to go as a family. First, Lima Coffee, a local roaster in Fort Collins. Koa loves to come here and roll around in the grass out front while he enjoys a pup cup. So that’s where we started the session.

The second location was Lory State Park, a favorite area where Koa loves to walk the trails, sniff for horses, and run down to the edge of the water. We let Koa take the lead here. He wandered, explored and played in the open space. He entertained us all evening.

Just before we left, we witnessed a beautiful sunset across the foothills. It was the perfect ending to an evening of celebrating Koa.

Here’s a peek at the images we captured.

And an important reminder to all: take more photos with your dog.

Dog trying to lick owner's coffee
Dog sniffing coffee cup
View of Lory State Park in Colorado
Senior dog walking across shoreline with his owner during lifestyle portrait session
Senior dog walking with his owner during lifestyle portrait session
Couple in the mountains with their dog
Senior dog walking through a grassy meadow
Dog and owners walking the shore of the lake
View of Lory State Park in the Autumn
Dog and owners walking through an open space at Lory State Park with Autumn color
Portrait of dog and his owners and the Autumn leaves in Fort Collins, Colorado
Dog running through leaves
Couple walking through the trees with their dog at Lory State Park
Dog with a beautiful Autumn tree background
Owner playing with sticks and his dog
Dog lifestyle portrait session where dog is biting a log
Couple walking across the meadow with their dog during portrait session
Couple walking off into the distance with their dog
Senior dog sitting on parents lap
View of reservoir from Lory State Park
Couple walking off into the distance in Lory State Park

In just the last few weeks I’ve photographed 3 dog sessions, and they are quickly becoming my favorite. Check out another dog session (at the beach!) here.

Want to schedule your own photo session with your dog?

You’re going to want to remember these days. Let’s take your pet to their favorite places, let’s play together, wander around, and maybe spoil them a bit! While you’re out there taking in the moment, I’ll take care of the photos.

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