Moab Adventure Elopement

When you choose Moab, Utah as your elopement destination, you can almost guarantee an adventure. This place captivates many adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts because of the expansive public land. Moab has 2 National Parks, a state park, and plenty of National Forest and land managed by BLM. The opportunities here are endless, all year round. This area is particularly popular for off-roading, hiking, climbing, canyoneering, and rafting. There’s truly something for everyone.

When Caroline & Cole chose Moab as their elopement location, they chose to spend part of the day with just the two of them and a portion of the day with their son. They went horseback riding at Sorrel River Ranch, and off-roading to a more remote cliffside where they watched the sun go down. It was a lovely balance of fun, adventure, and slowing down time to take in the awe-inspiring scenery.

For the ceremony portion of their day, they chose Dead Horse Point State Park. As of 2023, the permit to get married here is only $60! Talk about a wedding venue bargain. And the views… well, they don’t get much better than this. Dead Horse Point State Park is the perfect adventure elopement location for those drawn to dramatic cliffs overlooking a vast natural valley as far as the eye can see. It’s colorful, breath-taking, and just one of those places that make you feel small in the best way possible. It’s also located a short drive from Canyonlands National Park and lots of unique (and more secretive) locations on BLM property.

This late September weekday elopement was a dream. We had perfect temperatures, and Moab itself wasn’t too busy! Another one of those elopement days where it all just felt meant to be.

Here’s a peek into Caroline & Cole’s memorable wedding day.

View driving to Sorrel River Ranch in Utah
View from Sorrel River Ranch in Moab
Wedding dress hanging on the porch of a ranch
Wedding day details
Groom getting ready in the mirror
Groom getting ready for his Moab adventure elopement
Groom wearing a tux for his Moab adventure elopement
Groom helping bride into her dress at Sorrel River Ranch
Getting wedding ready at Sorrel River Ranch
First look with eloping couple and their son
Couple shares first look with their son during Moab adventure elopement
Horse stable at Sorrel River Ranch
Son looking out on the horse stables
Son petting a dog at Sorrel River Ranch
Dog and horse
Horseback riding at couple's Moab adventure elopement
View of horseback riding trail at Sorrel River Ranch
Couple laughing while riding horses at Sorrel River Ranch
Couple horseback riding on their elopement day
Funny photo of horse with his teeth while couple pets him
Horses at Sorrel River Ranch
Walking the streets in Moab, Utah to get a marriage license
Couple in Moab marriage license office
Groom looking out at Dead Horse Point State Park for the first time
View from Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah
Bride walking to ceremony site
View from Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah
Groom and son excitedly walking to the elopement ceremony location
Couple walking to their ceremony site at Dead Horse Point State Park
View of elopement location in Moab, Utah
Emotional elopement ceremony
Couple getting married at Dead Horse Point State Park
Couple exchanging vows at Dead Horse Point State Park
Couple sharing a first kiss at their Moab adventure elopement
Couple exchanging rings at their Moab adventure elopement
Bride putting wedding ring on the groom
Groom and his son after the elopement ceremony
Son touching his dad's wedding ring
Groom playing airplane with his son after an elopement ceremony at Dead Horse Point State Park
Cute photos of couple eloping with their kid in Moab, Utah
Couple walking to the edge of a cliff at Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah
Dramatic view of Dead Horse Point State Park with bride's veil blowing
Off-roading to a remote and secluded elopement location in Moab, Utah
Off-roading to the next location
Panoramic views of dramatic Moab, Utah during an adventure elopement
Bride and groom walking to the edge of a cliff
Couple on the edge of a cliff with towers in the background at their adventure elopement
The moon out during the day
Couple hiking around cliffs on their elopement day
Couple walking to the cliff edge in Moab
View of cliffs and towers in Moab, Utah
Couple watching the sun set behind the cliffs at the Moab adventure elopement
Couple dancing on rocky cliff as the sun goes down
Glowing red sunset at adventure elopement in Moab, Utah
Couple with the moon and a setting sun
Couple walking off into the sunset on their Moab adventure elopement day
Family gathered around a campfire
Couple with their son around a campfire after their adventure elopement
Groom and son around the campfire

Ready to plan your own Moab Adventure Elopement?

I’m already so stoked to help you design a day in this adventure-land that feels so you.

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