Lifestyle Couples Photoshoot with Dog

When Kate and Chris requested to do a lifestyle couples photoshoot with their dog, Enzo, it was an easy “yes” from me.

Enzo is the happiest golden retriever, with lots of golden retriever energy. For their session, we wanted to Enzo in his happy place. It was immediately obvious that we would head over to the local dog-friendly beach. It’s not uncommon to find the three of them there before work, throwing the ball for Enzo, surfing, reading, or walking the beach.

And let me tell you, Enzo. Loved. It.

He was constantly finding little pools of sea water to soak in, playing ball, or greeting other dogs passing by. The dog is smiling in some of these photos for goodness sake! It was the perfect morning spent documenting a morning in the life session for these three.

Here’s a peek into Enzo’s best morning ever.

Lifestyle dog portrait session in Maine
Couple walking dog down the street to a beach in Maine
Couple walking to a beach in Maine for dog portrait session
Golden retriever running down the beach happy with a ball in his mouth
Couple walking with dogs along the beach
Couple with their dog on a beach in Maine
Couple laughing at wet and dirty dog on the beach
Couple walking down the beach with their dog in Maine
Black and white photo of couple running and playing with their golden retriever
Happy dog with a ball in his mouth
Dog muddy and splashing on the beach during portrait session
Detail photo of couples legs intertwined at the beach during their photo session
Dog running through the owners legs on a beach
Dog playing in the water at a beach near Portland, Maine
Couple kissing on a rocky shore in Portland, Maine
Portland, Maine beach lifestyle portrait session with a dog at sunrise
Early morning light on a beach near Portland, Maine during photography session
Dog jumping high in the air while couple watches
Dog looking toward his owners on a beach in Maine
Dog walking down the beach with his owners
Lifestyle portraits at a dog-friendly beach in Maine
Couple walking along the ocean with their dog
Couple with their dog at a beach in Portland, Maine during their couples photoshoot
lifestyle couples photoshoot on the beach with dog
lifestyle couples photoshoot on the beach

Tips for planning a couples lifestyle photoshoot with your dog.

  • Brainstorm your dog’s absolute favorite places to go.
  • Make a list of your dog’s favorite things to do (play ball, eat pup cups, snuggle, swim, etc.). These are the things you’ll want to include in your lifestyle session.
  • Bring along your dogs favorite treats for rewards.
  • Embrace the silliness and the imperfections! Your dog may not sit and stare at the camera, but we wouldn’t want that anyway.

WHY a lifestyle photoshoot?

That’s an easy one to answer.

Lifestyle photography sessions document you (and/or your dog) in the moment. These sessions tell a true-to-life story so that years and years from now you can look back on these photos and remember just what it felt like when you were all living your dog’s best life. 😉

Click here to learn more about lifestyle couples portrait sessions. And when you’re ready for your own, inquire below!

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