How to find an elopement photographer

The day you and your partner begin your search for the perfect elopement photographer is a very important day—so let’s get you started on the right foot so you don’t waste any time! Planning an elopement is the perfect opportunity for you to create a wedding that truly reflects your relationship, and choosing your elopement photographer to go along with you on your adventure gives you an amazing chance for wedding photos that are also perfectly tailored just for you!

Especially if you elope in Colorado, you really don’t need anyone else other than your spouse-to-be with you in order to get married, so hiring a Colorado elopement photographer means hiring someone who will accompany you from beginning to end on your big day. 

So it’s pretty important to make sure you pick the right one!

elopement photographer captures bride and groom in front of mountains and waterfall in Colorado

How to find an elopement photographer

If you’re choosing a Colorado elopement, you’re in for a gorgeous day that deserves as much care as possible, so it’s a good idea to find an elopement photographer that’s very familiar with the area. 

Getting ready for an elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), in particular, requires a few considerations like weather and time of year—which are so much easier to navigate with the help of a local! Unless you’re very very familiar with the area, you may spend a good amount of your wedding planning time trying to sort through the details. 

If that’s your thing, then have fun! But if you’d rather sidestep that mental load, make sure you ask your elopement photographer about their experience with the particular area you’d like to elope within (hint: if you’re looking for an elopement photographer in RMNP, you’re in the right place!).

Search options for elopement photographers

Google is one of the best places to start for elopement photographers within a specific geographic area. Just add “RMNP” or “Rocky Mountain National Park” to your “elopement photographer” Google search and you’re sure to come across a few great options— like Story Maker Photo!

Regardless of whom you’re considering, make sure to do your due diligence and check their social media accounts and website portfolio so you can decide if their style is for you. Speaking of style…

Colorado elopement photographer captures couple hiking in their wedding attire in the mountains

Narrow your list by style and reviews

There are nearly as many photographic styles as there are photographers, so it’s important to narrow down your choices a bit. Once you’ve identified a few photographers that are familiar to the area in which you’d like to say “I do”, use a bit of intuition to start crossing names off the list—decide which elopement photo style sounds perfect for you. 

Do you prefer:

  • Candid, in-the-moment snaps?
  • Documentary style setups?
  • Traditionally posed shots?
  • Highly directed editorial style photos straight out of a magazine?

Keep in mind that with very heavy posing and directing, your day can start to feel a little less natural.

Keep an eye out for the style that feels right to you while you’re browsing a portfolio or social media feed. And if the vibe’s not right, keep searching!

But if the photographer’s style is making you more and more excited with every scroll, then hop over to their website or Google profile to find customer reviews. You’re looking for clues about what it’s like to work with this photographer:

  • Are they trustworthy and reliable?
  • Do they arrive well-prepared?
  • Is their familiarity with the area really as good as they say it is?

Keep an eye out for photographers who say they’re outdoor, adventure elopement photographers but have no reviews involving outdoor elopements—experience is a must when it comes to eloping in RMNP!
If they’re checking all the boxes, it’s time to set up a consultation with your photographer! Amber’s looking forward to talking with you 😉

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