Mountain Lake Elopement

It was the perfect July day for an elopement at a mountain lake in Colorado. Cool crisp morning, clear skies, and two people looking to get married in their happy place.

Imagine this.

You wake up well before the sun and hiking under a starry night sky to get to a mountain lake for your elopement. The morning is still nice and crisp, perfect hiking weather. You wander up a forested hiking trail by headlamp. Just before the sun comes up for the day, you arrive at the most picturesque alpine lake. As the sky brightens, the landscape sharpens. It’s better than you could have even imagined.

And the best part? This is where you’re going to say “I do”. Just the two of you, celebrating on your own terms.

Getting married doesn’t have to be a difficult, or stressful experience. Your wedding day could be this simple. You, your partner, doing your favorite things.

Here’s what Alissa & Luke’s elopement day looked like. A lovely July morning—the perfect time of year to hike this trail! The snow is melting and filling up the streams, waterfalls and lakes. The meadows are sprinkled with wildflowers, and the moose are very active.

This location is idyllic and ideal for the couple looking to elope just the two of them (and maybe a guest or two). The best time to elope in this location is at sunrise since it is such a popular destination. During the busiest months of the year, there is a parking reservation required to access this recreation area.

Ohhh these photographs take me right back to that morning. To the wedding day of Alissa & Luke. The morning that felt adventurous, FUN, playful and meaningful. And that firey red sunrise I’ll never forget.

couple hiking a mountain in the dark to get married at sunrise at a mountain lake
couple standing under the starry night sky on the way to their sunrise hiking elopement
view overlooking a green valley in the mountains
couple about to have a first look at a Colorado mountain lake elopement
Couple having first look at Lake Isabelle elopement in Colorado
mountain lake elopement at Lake Isabelle
couple drinking champagne in the mountains
couple walking through the mountains on their elopement day
elopement first dance near a mountain lake
close up of red bridal bouquet

Is this the kind of mountain lake elopement you’re dreaming about?

I can help pair you with the perfect Colorado location for your elopement day. Simply fill out the contact form and let’s talk more!

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