What's a lifestyle session?

Glad you asked. But first, here’s what it isn’t: sitting for hours in a stuffy studio staring at a camera. 

A lifestyle session tells the story of you, probably outside, doing what you love — in photos. 

These sessions create snapshots of “life is good”: your adventures, misadventures, and all the moments in between. 

I’ll bring the camera. The who, what, where, when, and why? That’s up to you.

"Amber puts you at ease, makes you so comfortable and encourages you to be yourself. Our family photo session she managed to capture the best side of everyone in seriously the coldest least ideal weather day in winter making it a quick session, but so sweet. The photos and memories captured are absolutely priceless and SO stunning." 

- Caitlin N.






Hop in... here's who to bring.

Sure, I’ve got lots of ideas, but I wanna know… 
What’s your dream day?

  • Laze on the lake — jump in the water! go paddleboarding! just float!
  • Head to your family cabin for the weekend
  • Show your kids Rocky Mountain National Park for first time
  • Find a spot to cut down your own Christmas tree (we’ll be sure it’s legal)
  • Take a hike and kick back around the campfire afterward
  • Set up a private picnic in an aspen grove
  • Celebrate your anniversary in the spot where you eloped
  • Explore the woods as you make your way to a hot spring
  • Rent 4x4s and get a little rough on mountain roads

Go wild. Stay mild.
What's your style?

So, are we doing this?

Let’s have an adventure. Here’s how to get started.

Every picture tells a story — and you’ll get to relive yours every time someone asks what had you smiling so big.

Remember it forever

I’ll handle the photos and timeline so you can focus on every breathtaking moment.

Savor your day

We’ll have a call to swap ideas, then I’ll create a personalized inspiration guide to help you plan your perfect day.

Dream, plan, and prep

I looked around my house one day and realized there are no photos of people just looking at the camera.

The photos I chose to print and frame are life in motion: my friends hanging out on a cliff in Moab, relaxing at our favorite campsites, even walking a pair of llamas to the lake (ask me about it).

They’re not just photos of people. They’re photos of life and what makes life worth living.

Lifestyle sessions are inspired by my elopement photography — and that permission slip for couples to spoil themselves rotten.
But you don’t need to get married to take a day that’s all about you!

Any day where you get to put aside the everyday B.S. is a day worth documenting. So treat yourself.

Working with me is way more than taking photos. 

Together, we’ll plan an epic day that you’ll want to relive over and over…

These photos are going to come in handy!

Do not say cheese


1 hour quick session


3 hour classic session


6 hour story session

  • Lifestyle session planning guide with tips and tricks for every part of your photography experience
  • Location ideas, activity suggestions, and outfitter recommendations to help make your session unforgettable
  • A customized timeline for your day to ensure you can savor every moment and never feel rushed
  • Assistance with permits (portrait photography permits for Rocky Mountain National Park are included)

  • A preview of your photos within 7 days of your session
  • Behind-the-scenes photos/videos from my phone that I can Airdrop to you the same day!
  • High-resolution digital images in an online gallery with personal printing rights. These images are edited and ready for you to download, print and share within 4 weeks of your session

First, here's what's included

Your lifestyle photography pricing

Got questions? I have answers.

I offer adventure sessions year round in Northern Colorado — or any location that fits within my travel schedule. My favorite and frequented spots include:
- Estes Park
- Rocky Mountain National Park
- Great Sand Dunes National Park
- Crested Butte
- Loveland Pass
- Garden of the Gods
- Ouray, Silverton & Telluride
- Moab, Utah

It depends on what story you’re trying to tell! Most people choose an outdoor experience as all or part of their day, but the sky is the limit! 

You could spend the whole day adventuring outside, or cozied up in a cabin in the mountains, or at a local library. If you’re looking for ideas for indoor locations, consider a unique vacation rental.

That’s up to you! Most of my clients include outdoor experiences into their session, but these sessions are all about YOU and what lights you up.

This will vary based on your location, but I will give you guidance on this.

I have an annual commercial use permit for Rocky Mountain National Park, so you will not need to reserve a permit to have your portraits taken there!

Goodness, yes.

That’s all part of the adventure! As much as we set ourselves up for success (factoring in weather/scenery/crowds when we pick a session date/location/time of day), sometimes rain and snow do happen.And the people I photograph often find that makes for the best photos and stories!

We will plan for the best and prepare for the worst in advance — so we’re ready for whatever the weather throws at us.

I am here to help! Let’s hop on the phone and brainstorm together what your session could look like. I’m here to guide you through the process from choosing a date, selecting locations, and acquiring permits to putting some of the best memories up on your walls.

On average, each hour of photography coverage yields 40 to 60 images.

I will give you gentle direction and encouragement throughout the session, but for the most part you’re going to be so distracted by living in the moment, you might even forget the camera is there. I promise there won’t be any stiff poses, but if you’re ever not sure what to do, I won’t leave you hanging!

Lifestyle sessions cannot be used for weddings or elopements — but great news! I have special packages designed for elopements. You’re gonna love ‘em — check it out.

Sessions can be booked up to three months in advance.

Any day can be a special occasion —
and it’s worth celebrating with amazing photos.