Ouray, Colorado wedding

Wow, this early June Ouray, Colorado wedding day was one for the books. It was a balance of a two person adventure elopement and a micro wedding! And though it may have not gone entirely according to plan, it was incredibly memorable (and BEAUTIFUL) nonetheless.

Snowy Ouray, Colorado wedding in June

Ouray, Colorado is one of the top adventure elopement + micro wedding destinations in the state

Ouray is located in the San Juan mountains. It’s known as the “Switzerland of America” because of the jagged peaks that seem to raise up out of nowhere. It’s a stunning area for those who love the mountains, and has year round activities. From fantastic ice climbing in the Winter, to wildflower galore in the Spring + Summer, and epic off-roading and hiking through the Fall. This entire region can make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a postcard. With this much adventure, amazing scenery, and some pretty awesome elopement + micro wedding venues, it’s one of my favorite places in Colorado to recommend for a memorable wedding experience.

Oh, and did I mention there are hot springs and vapor caves here too?

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

Ouray, Colorado destination elopement in the mountains

The adventurous wedding day plan

The plan for this day was to off-road to a mountain pass for sunrise, but with massive amounts of the lingering snow, we ended up snowshoeing instead. Fortunately this couple is no stranger to climbing mountains. They’re actually working their way through summiting every 14er in Colorado!

So, we drove the truck up as far as we could, hopped out and began our trek. The night sky was spectacular. We traversed up the mountain until we reached the saddle, just in time to watch the sun come up.

Talk about an epic wedding day backdrop…

Bride and groom hiking under a starry night sky in the mountains
Couple hiking under the stars on their wedding day
Couple hiking into the snowy mountains in Ouray, Colorado on their wedding day
View of Ouray, Colorado in the snow
Wedding couple hiking up a snowy mountain as the sun comes up
Bride and groom in wedding attire with micro spikes
Couple laughing and hiking through the snowy mountains of Ouray, Colorado
Snowcapped red mountains in Ouray, Colorado
Couple with snowshoes looking out from the top of a snowy mountain on their wedding day

Mountaintop wedding portraits

Just after the sun came up and splashed a warm glow across the snow-covered mountains, the snow moved in. It felt like it held out just long enough for us to get a good view and some couples portraits.

It’s wild to witness how fast the weather can change, especially in the mountains. We had just hiked up under a clear sky, then were sharing a snow globe moments just minutes later. It’s both powerful and humbling.

After spending some time on top of the mountain, we began our hike back to Ouray for part two.

Mountaintop wedding portraits in Ouray, Colorado
Couple hiking through the snow on top of a mountain
Bride and groom in the mountains as it snows
Romantic black and white image of couple hiking on their snowy Spring wedding day
Dramatic mountain view in Ouray, Colorado
Mountain wedding portraits in Ouray, Colorado
Red mountain view in the snow in Ouray, Colorado with bride and groom
Couple hiking in their wedding attire in the snowy red mountains of Ouray, Colorado

Ouray, Colorado wedding celebrations with family

Once everyone had warmed up from the morning hike, we gathered with family at a nearby lake for mingling and portraits.

Though most of the family celebrations would continue throughout the weekend, everyone wanted to see the couple on their day! This was a lovely time to reunite with their dog, and share stories of our adventure.

The best part is that from the lake, you can look up and see the mountaintop on which we were that morning!

Family gathering and laughing in the mountains of Colorado
Bride looking off into the distance at the mountains in Ouray, Colorado
Family gathering and sipping champagne
Family portrait in the mountains

Sunset wedding ceremony near Ouray

After the mingling, it was time to take the dog and head to our final destination. This spot the couple picked out for their private vow reading. It is located nearby and it’s a stunning and vast meadow lined by aspen trees with snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Here they shared private vows with each other, sipped champagne, and their dog witnessed their marriage license. It was the most lovely ending to an adventurous day that went from before sunup to after sundown.

View of the mountains near Ouray, Colorado
Aspen trees lining the mountain meadow in Ouray, Colorado
Bride walking off into a meadow with her bouquet and boots
Couple pouring champagne before their wedding ceremony in the mountains of Colorado
Dog licking the bottom of champagne glass
Close up of dog, bouquet, and champagne glasses
Couple in the middle of a treelined meadow with mountains in the distance
Emotional wedding ceremony with dog
Couple embracing after their elopement ceremony in the mountains of Ouray, Colorado

Dog witnessing Colorado marriage license

Arguably the best part about getting married in the state of Colorado is that your dog can witness your marriage license. So, just after exchanging vows it was time for Beau’s stamp of approval, followed by a joyous first dance.

Dog getting ready to put his paw print on the marriage license
Dog witnessing marriage license in Colorado
Romantic wedding first dance in the mountains of Ouray
Bride and groom with moody mountains in Ouray, Colorado
Bride and groom with champagne glasses
Sunset in the meadow near Ouray, Colorado
Bride and groom looking out on blue sky with glowing orange lanterns
Bride and groom with lanterns after sunset in the mountains

Vendor Shoutout

Flowers: Flowers by Ella

Bowtie: Brackish

Ouray, Colorado wedding + elopement photographer

So you want to get married in Ouray? I’d love to be there to photograph your day. Set up a discovery call below and let’s see if we’re a good fit!

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