10+ Unique wedding photography ideas

This list includes some of my favorite unique wedding photography ideas that will encourage you to make core memories on your day. (And make for amazing photo opportunities).

Why not do something different to celebrate? Something so you. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

Couple getting married on top of a fire tower for unique wedding photos

Wedding day time capsule

A wedding day time capsule is sure to make for a memorable and unique wedding day activity! This couple found a custom chest on Etsy, and filled the time capsule with ticket stubs, love letters, cards, and photos from their relationship so far. During their elopement adventures, they dedicated a special time to sit and add things to the chest. It made for great photos, and I’ll always feel lucky for the stories and memories they shared with me that day.

Try something new

Create some core memories! It doesn’t have to be as serious as a bucket-list adventure (though it certainly can be). Consider trying something you’ve always wanted to do together. It doesn’t even have to be wedding-related! The best part? You’ll have a photographer there to document just how amazing that experience was.

Some unique elopement photography ideas include:

  • Hiring a private chef or unique food experience! Ever heard of pop-up picnics?!
  • Rent your dream vehicle for the day
  • Hike a trail you’ve never been on before, but always wanted to see
  • Charter a bike for a portion of the day. This is also a great rehearsal dinner option, or day after session adventure, too!
  • Take a helicopter ride or scenic flight
  • Soak in a hot spring
  • Head to a vineyard and create your own custom wine blend to cork and save for your anniversary
  • Explore the surrounding area by horseback, Jeep, gondola, hot air balloon, or train
Couple trying a helicopter for the first time on their elopement day
Bride and groom with vintage car on a  mountain top

Share a first look

With your partner, your family, your kids, or your pet! Whoever you’re keeping your wedding look a surprise from. This is a great opportunity to create a special moment for a grand reveal.

Choose unique wedding day lodging

This is a fabulous opportunity to stay at that boutique you’ve always dreamed of, rent that dream home on Airbnb or VRBO, or try glamping! Not only will this add to your experience and aesthetic, but it will make for great photography opportunities.

Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning

Unique wedding day lodging - a cabin in the mountains

Private wedding vows

Ever feel like you might edit or change your wedding vows if you knew there was an audience? Writing vows or letters to read to your partner privately is a great way to slow down and put aside some special time for yourselves on your day.

For photos of these intimate moments, ask your photographer to hang back and photograph with a long lens. Then, get lost in the moment and let your emotions flow freely.

Couple sharing wedding vows privately in an open meadow with mountains in the distance

Or with your just your dog. 🙂

Handwritten letters from family and friends

I love this idea for any elopement or micro wedding. Ask friends and family who won’t be in attendance to write you a letter to read on your wedding day! It’s is a great way to include them in the experience without them physically being there. Plus, then you have a nice little keepsake to revisit and reread years down the road. I love photographing these moments because they generate a full range of emotions.

Letters from family and friends for unique wedding photography ideas

A weekend long wedding event

Who says your wedding has to be just one day? Use this opportunity to celebrate over multiple days and have a photographer there to document every moment of it.

Matching wedding tattoos

Let’s make this marriage permanent, baby! Take a break from the series of wedding events and head over to a local tattoo parlor to get matching tattoos. You can even look into traveling tattoo artists who can come to you (at your unique lodging). 😉

Matching wedding tattoos

Let your dog witness your marriage license

It’s legal in Colorado! Bring along a pet-safe ink pad and let your pet put their paw print on your marriage license.

Start a new tradition together

This is the perfect time to start a yearly tradition together. Maybe every year on your anniversary you re-read vows, add one item to a memory box, revisit the place you got married, check some thing off your bucket list, or take a Polaroid selfie together.

What’s you?

Bride and groom in a forest sharing a picnic

Wedding portraits after dark

Who says the fun has to end when the sun goes down? Ask your photographer to capture unique photos after dark. This could include stargazing, gathering around a campfire, or sharing a romantic first dance or meal under the market lights.

Destination wedding & elopement photographer

If you’re looking for a photographer who can help you brainstorm personalized and unique wedding photography ideas for day, let’s talk! I’d love to help inspire you to personalize your day in the most awesome way you can think of. Schedule a discovery call now and see if we’re a good fit.

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