10 Best elopement & intimate wedding destinations

Looking for the best elopement destinations for you? Perhaps somewhere you’ve never been and that will offer a unique wedding experience? Look no further.

This list will give you all the inspiration you need to get those wheels turning and plan an adventure of your own! It’s inspired by REAL elopement + micro wedding days that I’ve photographed. All of these couples shared the same desire of wanting a stand-out experience for their wedding day.

So we thought outside of the box, and planned ultimate wedding story that they’ll be telling for the rest of their lives.

Get ready to be inspired! ✨

Isle Royale National Park destination elopement via float plane

Traveling here is a guaranteed adventure. Isle Royale National Park is the least visited U.S. National Park in the lower 48, and it’s only accessible by ferry, boat, or float plane! And get this, there aren’t even any roads or cars on the island! There are however, wolves, moose, amazing views, great hiking and backpacking.

This is one of the best elopement destinations for couples looking for a multi-day adventure! Since this location can take a little more logistical planning and I recommend hiring a photographer who is familiar with the area. You know, someone like me!

Check out a full elopement post from Isle Royale National Park here.

Isle Royale National Park destination elopement via float plane
Couple looking at a map with a Wes Anderson vibe on their wedding day

Alaska helicopter elopement to a yurt on a private glacial lagoon

Ever dreamed of helicoptering to a remote wilderness destination, getting married by a glacier, and spending a night or two in your very own yurt? Well then, this is the very best elopement destination is for you.

Imagine waking up to the sound of icebergs rolling in the distance, spotting a bear in the distance while you sip your coffee, and witnessing the glacial landscape moving and changing throughout the day.

Not only that, but this experience includes an on-site camp host who will take you through the lagoon on sea kayaks, hike with you, and even prepare your meals. You heard that right. This is the type of all-inclusive bucket list elopement experience of your dreams… and to marry the love of your life amidst it all? I can’t think of anything more epic and romantic.

Want to see more from this elopement? Check it out here!

Alaska destination elopement in a yurt on a private glacial lagoon
Groom looking off at glacial lagoon before getting married in a remote location
Couple exchanging vows on the edge of a glacial lagoon in Alaska

Remote Colorado elopement at an off-grid cabin

This is the kind of home that makes you wonder how on earth it got there! This Bonnie Belle cabin is one of the most epic Colorado elopement destinations for those looking for an off-road adventure and remote (but comfortable) lodging all in one. It sits 12,000 feet above sea level, offers grand mountain views, and total privacy. There is nearby hiking, fishing, and more off-roading. 10/10 recommend reserving this for a 2-person elopement in Southwest Colorado. Go ahead and walk a few steps out the front door of your cabin and get married. Plus, it’s dog-friendly.

Remote Colorado elopement at an off-grid cabin
Amazing Colorado mountains and bride walking toward her groom

Washington fire tower elopement

For those looking for a more rugged adventure, look no further than the rocky mountain landscapes of Washington. The state of Washington is known for its many (not always so easily accessible) fire towers. This is the kind of elopement destination you get to earn. And wow, is it worth it. Imagine you and marrying your best friend on the peak of a jagged mountain with 360 degree views. It’ll make you feel invincible for sure. Don’t forget to sign the ledger inside!

Washington fire tower elopement destination
View of rocky mountains in Washington with cloud inversion

Amangiri elopement with horseback riding

Let’s change gears. If you’re not looking for an off-grid cabin experience, and would prefer a taste of luxury, then I highly recommend exploring an Aman resort. It’s one of the best elopement destinations (or micro-wedding location!) if you love a good aesthetic, exciting activity options, rest & relaxation, and delicious food. I particularly enjoyed this elopement experience at Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah because it included a little adventure too — horseback riding!

This property would make for an incredibly elevated and unique wedding destination. Amangiri perfectly blends stunning architecture, wellness, adventure, pampering, and is naturally secluded.

This destination is perfect for both a 2-person elopement and micro weddings. You can even host an unforgettable reception celebration here where you feel immersed in the natural surroundings.

This couple not only opted for horseback riding on their elopement day, but also explored a nearby National Park, and enjoyed soaking in quiet moments together while immersed in this beautiful setting.

Amangiri elopement with horseback riding
View of the pool at the Amangiri resort, a stunning and unique elopement destination
View of Amangiri resort from the outside
Bride and groom riding horseback through the desert
Destination elopement at Amangiri resort where the bride and groom went horseback riding

Mountaintop elopement in Colorado

When people think of Colorado, they often think of massive mountain peaks. It’s no wonder why, we have over 800 summits over 13,000 feet!

When I initially talk to couples on the phone, I tend to ask what sort of scenery they’re drawn to. Many couples are looking for their wedding experience to involve water, some want to feel on top of the world, and others want to be in a cozy secluded forest where they will not see another soul. (Except for maybe some wildlife). I love this question because it really helps me understand what a couple is looking for.

The cool thing about Colorado? You can get all of those landscapes in one day.

If you’re looking for that top of the world feeling, I highly recommend hiking (or driving) up a mountain about 13,000 feet here in the Rocky Mountains! It’s an incredible feeling to stand on a rocky mountaintop with 360 degree views and marry the love of your life.

One of my favorite mountains for this is Mt. Sniktau, located just a little over an hour outside of Denver. That’s where this couple said “I do” at sunrise.

Mountaintop elopement in Colorado
Sunrise view from Mt. Sniktau wedding day in Colorado
Bride and groom hiking on their wedding day in Colorado
Mt. Sniktau view, one of the best elopement destinations in Colorado

California forest micro wedding with 2000+ year old trees

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being surrounded by massive trees, thinking about how ancient they are. If only they could speak, just imagine the stories they could tell!

This is one of my favorite forests outside of Yosemite National Park in California and it makes for an incredibly breathtaking wedding location. Walk around and be humbled by the massive trees, dense forest, and soft ground under your feet. There’s so much to explore here. This place tells one wild story, and do you know what? It’s close enough to Yosemite that you can split the day between the two locations, or have an epic adventure over two days!

California forest micro wedding with 2000+ year old trees
Bride and groom standing on a massive tree on their wedding day in California

Alaska elopement with a private boat charter

This day, wow. These two chartered a boat for their wedding experience. The captain, John, went above and beyond to make their experience unforgettable. As a local, he knew all the secret spots that would make for the best elopement destinations to explore. To our amazement, he could even read the water and tell us when a whale was about to surface! Mind. Blown.

10/10 recommend reserving private transportation, charters, and lodging for your wedding day. It will ensure you’re extra taken care of and that your entire experience feels exclusive and personalized!

Alaska elopement with a boat charter
Accessing the best elopement destinations by boat in Alaska
View of bride and groom with breaching whale
Bride and groom walking in front of a waterfall in Alaska
View of bride and groom hiking above the ocean in Alaska on their wedding day

Great Sand Dunes National Park wedding

In my opinion, Great Sand Dunes National Park is a photographer’s dream location, and it’s an often overlooked National Park! It does take some travel to get to, but it’s one of the best elopement destinations if you’re looking for an out-of-this-world kind of experience.

Imagine getting married on the ridge of a massive sand dune, mountain peaks towering in the background. Then, you and your partner RUN down the sand, feeling weightless. It’s the kind of location that makes you feel like a kid again.

During parts of the year, there’s even a seasonal stream that runs near the foot of the dunes where you can tube. And, sand boarding is always an option too!

This location is *amazing* for stargazing too. With the dunes being “far out there”, there’s little no light pollution around. Wait until you see the Milky Way pop with your bare eyes.

View of one of the best elopement destinations in Colorado, Great Sand Dunes National Park
Sand dunes in Colorado with mountain peaks in the background
Tiny bride and groom in all black on the sand dunes in Colorado

Iceland volcano elopement

Imagine timing your elopement so perfectly you’re lucky enough to be in Iceland during an active volcano! That’s what happened with these two. Once the volcanic eruption is “under control” and safe for visitors, they establish trails where you can get your eyes on the activity! Though you’re at a safe distance, it’s close enough to see the vibrant reds and oranges.

Iceland volcano elopement
View of helicopter flying over erupting volcano in Iceland
Couple kissing in front of a volcano in Iceland on their wedding day

Destination wedding and elopement photographer

I could go on and on with more ideas for you, but first, I want to know… what would make your day unforgettable? Let’s talk more and pick the most amazing destination for you!

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